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Fuel tank decommissioning
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fuel tank decommissioning

Fuel Tank Decommissioning

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch oil and fuel tank decommissioning and removal services. We understand the importance of adequately decommissioning and removing these tanks, as they can threaten the environment and public safety if not done correctly. Our team of experts is highly trained and equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient process.

Regulatory Compliance and Customised Decommissioning Plans

First and foremost, we follow all necessary regulations and guidelines set forth by the government and regulatory bodies. We understand that each tank has unique specifications and requirements, and we take the time to carefully assess and plan the decommissioning process accordingly. This includes obtaining necessary permits and conducting thorough site inspections to identify potential hazards. Contact us today to find out more!

Comprehensive Safety Measures for Hazardous Materials Handling

Safety is our top priority throughout the entire process. Our team is trained in handling hazardous materials and follows strict safety protocols to prevent accidents or spills. We also have insurance coverage to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Expert Tank Handling

Our team is experienced in handling a wide range of tanks, from small residential to large industrial ones. We take great care in properly disposing of any remaining fuel or oil, ensuring that it is done in an environmentally friendly manner. We also make sure to properly clean and remove any residue or sludge that may be present in the tank.

Comprehensive Tank Removal

In addition to decommissioning, we offer tank removal services. Our team uses specialised equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently remove the tank from the site. We take great care to minimise disruptions to the surrounding area and leave the site clean and debris-free.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every project is unique, so we work closely with our clients to tailor our services to their needs. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients and ensure that the tank decommissioning and removal process is carried out seamlessly.


Comprehensive and Top-Quality Services

We take pride in delivering exceptional oil and fuel tank decommissioning and removal services. We understand the importance of properly managing these tanks to prevent environmental and public safety risks. Our team of experts is highly trained and utilises the latest technology and equipment to guarantee a safe and efficient process.

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fuel tank decommissioning

Comprehensive Tank Services

Our experienced team handles all types of tanks, from small residential to large industrial ones. We ensure environmentally friendly disposal of any remaining fuel or oil and meticulously clean any residue or sludge.

Safety First: We follow strict safety protocols and are fully insured to provide peace of mind.

Tank Removal: We efficiently remove tanks using specialised equipment, minimising disruptions and leaving the site clean.

Tailored Solutions: We customise our services to meet your unique needs, ensuring a hassle-free decommissioning and removal process.

Our Environmental Promise

At SB Fuel Tanks, we are committed to providing comprehensive and reliable tank handling services. With our team’s extensive experience, we adeptly handle tanks of all sizes, from residential to industrial. We take proactive measures to dispose of any remaining fuel or oil responsibly, minimizing our ecological footprint in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, we ensure thorough cleaning and removal of any residue or sludge in the tank, leaving it in optimal condition. You can trust us to deliver top-notch service and expert care for all your tank needs.

Any kind of fuel tank you have we can clean it, maintain it, remove it and test it – get in touch today for a free scope of works and quotation.
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