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Diesel bug, also known as microbial contamination, is a common issue in the marine industry that can cause major problems for boat owners. This type of contamination occurs when water and bacteria enter the fuel tank, creating a breeding ground for micro-organisms to thrive. These micro-organisms can clog fuel filters, corrode fuel tanks and fuel lines, and ultimately lead to engine failure. To combat this issue, fuel line flushing has become an essential service in the marine industry.
Fuel line flushing is a process that involves removing all the old fuel from the tank and replacing it with clean, fresh fuel. This not only removes any existing microbial contamination, but also prevents new contamination from occurring. The process starts by first draining the tank of all the old fuel and any accumulated water. Then, a specialised cleaning agent is added to the tank to break down any remaining contaminants. This cleaning agent is designed to kill any bacteria, fungi, and algae that may be present in the fuel.
Fuel line flushing is not only important for maintaining the health of the engine, but it also helps to improve fuel efficiency. Contaminated fuel can cause engines to work harder, leading to increased fuel consumption and higher costs for boat owners. By regularly flushing the fuel lines, boat owners can save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and improving their boat’s overall performance. By regularly flushing fuel lines and using preventative measures, boat owners can ensure the longevity and efficiency of their engines. This service not only saves money on repairs, but also ensures a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.
In addition to offering fuel line flushing services, S B Fuels also provides education and preventative measures to help boat owners avoid diesel bug contamination in the first place. This includes tips on how to properly store and maintain fuel, as well as the use of fuel additives that can help prevent microbial growth.
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